Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?

Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?
Reports are coming out about COVID being a potential catalyst for hair loss and this has sparked major concern for many who have experienced the virus and are losing clumps of hair following the exposure. Actress Alyssa Milano has recently come out and reported this issue stating, “thought I’d show you what #COVID19 does to your hair,” brushing through her hair and demonstrating clumps falling out.  
The actress is not the first to list hair loss as a COVID-19 side effect as this seems to have effected many who have contracted this illness. Canadian dermatologists have said that some COVID-19 positive patients are contacting them in a panic siting this same experience. A Toronto-based dermatologist Julia Carroll states the that the problem patients are reporting is called “telogen effluvium”. It’s a common condition in response to a high stress situation - which could be anything from a severe illness or even a highly emotionally impactful situation. It’s known to cause an overall thinning of hair over the scalp and may not resolve until the stressful state has dissipated. 
Interestingly, hair loss was reported among patients who caught the Spanish Flu in 1918 and high fevers along with any other severe symptoms seem to contribute to developing the condition.
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