Hair Hacks To Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Longer

Hair Hacks To Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Longer
We all know that voluptuous, long hair brings out those sexy goddess vibes! And thankfully, there are some incredible tricks of the trade to get that look - no matter where your mane is at. Here are some of our favourites: 
  1. HOT ROLLERS: they’re totally back in style and can do wonders for length and volume. But here’s the catch - there’s a new way to do it. Here are our pro tips:
  • Starting with smooth, dry hair, create some texture with mousse. You can also add a heat protection serum to guard the health of your strands. 
  • Make a deep side part (ultra glamorous) and section your hair evenly around your head
  • Hold each roller vertically (for sexy, tousled waves) and place at the center of each section, wrap your hair around tight and secure with a clip.
  • Let your hot rollers set and cool!
  • Remove each clip, gently letting the rollers slide out of the coiled curl (do not pull down)
  • Use a texturizing spray throughout to set to sleek and perfect 
hot rollers


2. BIOTIN CONDITIONER: using a biotin-enriched, hair strengthening conditioner will not only support healthy hair growth and thickness, but this silk protein infused formula will smooth out any damaged locks and bring out that natural bounce and SHINE. Apply it midway down the hair shaft and work your ends in the shower, avoiding the scalp so as not to weigh your hair down. 



biotin conditioner bottle

3. BIG TEASE: using the infamous Big Tease comb, a “stylist staple” - it’s been specially engineered to produce that mega volume for any hair length! In just a few strokes you’ll get that powerful oomph that will make heads turn and no doubt an extra bounce in your step…and hair.
Here are some pro tips on getting the best tease:
  • Add some texture for better hold - use a dry shampoo, sea salt spray, or flexible hold spray. Apply one of these to your roots before styling and it will give you that extra grip that’s useful for teasing.
  • Tease from the bottom up - section your hair into top and bottom layers and begin with the bottom. This allows your top layer of hair to lay flat and perfect atop your teased hair.
  • Work in sections: grabbing sections that are about 1/2 inch wide, pull them taut away from your head and using your ‘Big Tease’, backcomb your hair beginning about 4 inches away from your crown. Do this 4 times and finish with a light spray to hold. 

hair tease comb

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