Hair Trends We’re Loving This Fall

Hair Trends We’re Loving This Fall

Hello HAIRtamin lovers! We’re absolutely FALL-ing in love with these new hair trends that have been popping up all over the internet! From curtain bangs to bubble ponytail, baby braids, and fishtail braids, we’ve all seen them, and somewhat attempted to try and master it on our own hair (which might not have been the greatest success at first, but its’s okay you go girl!). We also can’t forget to mention fun accessories that have made a comeback like butterfly clips and big scrunchies.

The bubble ponytail is the most eye-catching yet sophisticated and fun trend out of them all. It can be worn on a simple day out with your best girlfriends to get a pumpkin spice latte, or to an event where you are wearing you favorite LBD.

bubble ponytail hairstyle closeupbubble ponytail hairstyle

Making a comeback from the ‘70s are the curtain bangs! This style brings texture, and that cozy Fall vibe into any outfit you have planned for this season.

curtain bangs curtain bangs hairstyle

The baby braids aka the micro braids are a simple and quick way to enhance your boho themed fit that you want to rock for your pumpkin patch photoshoot with your girls!

baby braidsbaby braids hairstyle

A bit more intricate, but definitely worth the time it takes to make is the fishtail braid! This creative style can be put into two separate braids, one single tight braid, or even one single loose braid. The limit is honestly endless, and you can add in your own twist by loosening the strands throughout the braid to create a more effortless look!

fishtail braidfishtail braid hairstyle

The butterfly hair clip trend initially blew up on Tik Tok and has made its way into the mainstream style of many girls who are looking to add some spunk to their look. We know, your inner 90’s girl is screaming inside!

hair with butterfly clipshair with butterfly clips hairstyle

Last but definitely not least is the BIG scrunchie! The statement piece can be seen on girl’s hair and wrists all over Instagram. The boom on social had many brands quickly coming out with their own twist on the classic scrunchie and adding in fun materials and colors so that your options are endless.

big scrunchiebig scrunchie hairstyle


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