HAIRtamin Advanced Formula vs MOM

HAIRtamin Advanced Formula vs MOM


Despite having one powerful formula - HAIRtamin Advanced Formula, we’ve taken things to the next level with our speciality MOM blend! Since we know that pregnancy demands a little more, we’ve customized a formula to accommodate for that. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know there are additional (ahem, many) challenges that your body requires support for. Nausea, fatigue, indigestion, muscle cramping, breakouts, and dare we say it - hair loss & thinning! Our custom formula was designed by moms who understand what you’re going through. Not only is it built to provide for the nutritional needs of a growing baby, but it’s also been naturally formulated with a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and enzymes to keep mom healthy, glowing, and her hair strong and shining. It’s the perfect pre-natal package!

mom bottle with ingredients and benefits

Here’s why:


  • Red Raspberry leaf: used for centuries as an herbal uterine tonic. It strengthens the walls of the uterus to better hold pregnancy and has been shown to decrease labour time. It’s known for it’s all-around “womb wellness.”
  • Ginger Extract: your anti-nausea herb! This has been studied to decrease nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (oh the first trimester woes!)
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex: digestive enzymes allow you to properly breakdown and absorb the nutrients from your food. Since many women experience digestive discomfort during pregnancy that leads to stomach upset and morning sickness, this complex is a saving grace for your tummy.
  • Probiotics: these strains of healthy gut bacteria serve to further enhance your digestion, increase immunity, and prevent constipation. The power of a balanced gut microbiome can mean the difference in easing much of your pregnancy hardship. 
  • Turmeric Extract: this ancient herb has long been praised as a super anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hair follicle growth stimulater. This is a must for regulating hormones that are typically responsible for hair loss (DHT!). 
  • Vitamin A: essential for healthy fetal development, vitamin A aids in cellular production, growth, and fibroblasts. This also makes it an important component in reversing scalp damage and keeping your skin firm!
  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant that is necessary for the production of collagen, vitamin C prevents free radical damage and aging hair. It also helps your body to absorb iron, which is required for hair growth (and baby growth). 
  • Vitamin D: stimulates both old and new hair follicles to awaken! Vitamin D deficiency is common, especially during the winter and it’s important to get an adequate amount of this nutrient daily. Even more, it’s essential for baby’s brain development. 
  • Vitamin E: another potent antioxidant that combats oxidative stress, promotes a healthy scalp, and assists with hair follicle maintenance.
  • B-Complex: a balance of b-vitamins including biotin will actually help to rebuild damaged hair follicles. In pregnancy, rapidly dividing cells require increased biotin synthesis which can result in a deficiency in many women - resulting in hair loss!  
  • Folate: THE vitamin that is integral to a healthy pregnancy. Folate is necessary to prevent neural tube defects and facilitate proper cell growth - not only for baby, but also for your hair, skin, and nails! 
  • Mineral Complex: specific minerals like zinc have been chosen to inhibit hair follicle decline and prevent hair loss. Iodine from natural kelp (whole food source!) and selenium support thyroid function, an important endocrine organ which can result in hair loss if out of balance. Iron supports the oxygenation of your red blood cells and encourages the delivery of blood and nutrients to your scalp for proper nourishment. And finally, magnesium which encourages protein synthesis for your entire body - hair strands alike (it also helps to prevent painful muscle cramping in pregnancy). 


How does this differ from HAIRtamin Original?

advanced formula bottle with ingredients and benefits

While HAIRtamin Original packs a punch for anyone looking for stronger, thicker hair, there’s a varied nutrient profile and an increased concentration of certain vitamins and minerals in HAIRtamin Mom to account for her unique needs. They BOTH however contain the power herb turmeric, as well as the key vitamins and minerals necessary for full, resilient hair and healthy follicles. 


SO, if you’re a mom - this is no-brainer! And if you’re not, we have just the formula for you as well. Why not make every day a great hair day :) 




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