Interview With Ash K Holm

Interview With Ash K Holm

ASH K HOLM IS TAKING OVER the beauty world one face at a time! The Los Angeles-based makeup artist’s soft glam aesthetic has been favored among A-listers like Khloe Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, and Lilly Ghalichi.

Just looking at her Instagram page will give you the inspiration you need to do your makeup, even if the only place you’re going for the day is the sofa.

Lucky for all of us, she also just launched her YouTube channel where she’ll be giving her viewers lots of makeup tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Here’s the 411 on what Ash is currently obsessed with, her favorite HAIRtamin product and the makeup look she’s most proud of…

  1. Fav morning beverage: double shot espresso 
  2. How do you get your creative juices flowing: I get inspired by old movies, countries I’ve traveled too and of course all the social apps like Pinterest & Instagram. 
  3. Currently obsessed with: running every morning. I picked up a new healthy habit during quarantine. I’ve been running a quick mile every morning to get my heart rate up. I’ve also seen a lot more energy in myself from this new habit. 
  4. Best hair tip: for sleek & chic hair that is frizz free polish off any look with the R+CO pomade stick. It’s a quick fix to lay those unwanted fly aways down. 
  5. Your style in three words: chic, modern, neutral 
  6. Your beauty Inspiration/Icon: Yasmeen Ghauri
  7. Fav beauty splurge: Lilly lashes style ‘Paris’ 
  8. Most used beauty product: buxom cosmetics Big O’ lip Balm
  9. Fall trend you’re most excited about: bold lips in deeper shades 
  10. Fav HAIRtamin product: HAIRtamin Gummy Stars™ 
  11. Book you’re currently reading: unf*ck yourself 
  12. Fav way to destress and relax: 10 minute mediation, stretching, & a hot shower 
  13. Fav emoji: 🥰
  14. Current Mantra: having the right mindset & attitude can literally change your life

gummy stars bottle surrounded by gummy stars and strawberries

What is one of your favorite beauty looks you’ve created?

Khloe Kardashians 90’s super model  inspired Halloween look that I did in 2019. I wanted her to look like a modern day Cruella de Vil & this Naomi Campbell look I did was perfect for the vibe we were going for. 

You just started your YouTube channel, what are you most excited about sharing with your subscribers?

I’m excited to share my journey as a celebrity makeup artist. Social media usually shows the glamours aspects of my job but not the nitty gritty moments and struggles that I’ve gone through to get to where I am. My goal is also to help and inspire people to follow their dreams no matter how big they are. Anything is possible with discipline and hard work. 

You’ve been in this industry for over a decade, what advice would have given your younger self and those who have big dreams? 

To not compare yourself to anyone. Focus on YOU and only you not what others are doing and achieving & to only be in competition with yourself. 



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