DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask

DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Hi pretties! Welcome our first blog entry here at HAIRtamin. Here we will provide you with DIY’s and other tips and tricks to get the most out of your HAIRtamin journey. Our inner scoop on the ultimate hair secrets that will be a great addition to add to your HAIRtamin regimen.

Our first DIY mask revolves around only one ingredient, aloe vera, or as we like to call it, the miracle plant. This DIY is quick, easy, and extremely beneficial. Aloe vera is a natural remedy for dry scalp and will help reduce itchiness and flakiness. Now, we know that if we have a dry scalp, it will then be transferred to our hair and we don’t want that, we want beautiful and shiny hair. Not only will it aid with a dry scalp but aloe vera will also remove undesired dirt that are clogging hair follicles to promote hair growth. Nourishing your body from the inside with HAIRtamin while treating your scalp with love and care will help you achieve healthy hair results. 

Aloe vera hair mask is easy to do, here’s how:

Step One: Remove the gel from the aloe vera leaf by cutting the leaf down the middle and scooping the gel out with a spoon or knife.

Step Two: Place aloe vera gel in a blender and blend it until it is a smooth consistency.

Step Three: Apply aloe vera gel all over scalp and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. You may also apply it on hair for a smoother feel.

Step Four: Rinse and enjoy a hydrated scalp.


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