Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair Loss

According to the American Pregnancy Association, an average of 40% to 50% of women will experience postpartum hair loss. This occurs as there is a sudden drop in hormones after your baby is born - most notably, estrogen and progesterone. Hair loss peaks around the 4-6 month mark (*cringe*) post-partum as your body then attempts to recalibrate its hormone levels. Although its normal for your hair to thin out after pregnancy, there are several things to pay attention to in order to minimize this from happening.

Questions to think about:

  1. Are you getting enough nutrients in your diet?
  2. How is your gut health? Do you experience gas, bloating, or indigestion?
  3. How are your stress levels?
  4. Is your thyroid in balance?

Now some of these answers require the assistance of a practitioner that can help you to properly navigate your health from a holistic perspective. What’s empowering, is that there are ways to optimize your health in order to avoid shedding!

HAIRtamin mom bottles lined up as bowling pins

Here are some key practices to incorporate:

  • Consume a diet rich in whole, nutrient-dense foods - fruits, vegetables, sprouted legumes and whole grains, raw nuts/seeds. Nutrients = LIFE in your hair! Ditch any refined sugars, inflammatory oils, processed foods, additives, and preservatives. 
  • Continue your prenatal {HAIRtamin MOM} for its excellent source of vitamins and minerals needed for whole body support and hair growth. It also has nourishing herbal extracts like Turmeric, Nettle, Rose Hips, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Ginger to feed your hair follicles the nutrients needed for strong growth and resilience. 
  • Stress reduction practices: meditation, breath work, yoga, and spending time in nature. These are all effective ways to give yourself some ZEN time and balance cortisol levels! 
  • Getting any necessary lab work/ specialized testing done with your physician to assess nutrients levels, hormones, cortisol, and overall gut health. Getting any necessary testing will allow you to specifically target what your body needs the most!
  • Get a good night sleep wherever possible (this almost seems unfair to ask of a new mom, but try your best!)


There’s no reason why you can’t keep those beautiful, thick strands that pregnancy brings! 

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