Travel Hair Tips for Healthy Hair

Travel Hair Tips for Healthy Hair

Now that summer is in full swing so is that travel bug! Vacationing around Europe? Wine tours in the hills of Tuscany? Strolling around Parisian streets visiting chic cafes and shops? Ok, we’re dreaming of all the travels too! Wherever you’re headed on your next vacay, we’ve got all the hair tips to keep your mane effortlessly lush and healthy. Here’s what you need to know: 


Rock a Heatless Hairstyle 

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Now we all love our hair tools, BUT did you know that the heat from from these styling companions can dry out your hair to the point where it becomes more prone to split ends and breakage? Yikes! This damage also increases with frequent use and when you pair this with the heat of the sun….you may have to give your locks a well deserved break! Not to mention, who wants to lug around more weight than you have to on a vacay?


So, change it up slightly and rock a few heatless hairstyles. 


Bonus packing tip: if you WILL be taking a few styling tools (I mean come on, we get it), did you know that a hair straightener can double up and also make waves? It’s also super easy to create if you’re looking to spend less time getting ready and more time exploring. Win!


Protect your Hair from Chlorine

Will you be making a splash on your vacay? The ocean does wonders for your skin, hair, and nails - but the chlorine from pools (unless it’s a fresh water one!) actually wreaks havoc on your beautiful strands. Thankfully, you can protect your locks from chlorine by lightly coating your hair in a nourishing oil before going in the pool or ocean!


Prevent Tangles

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If you’re a beach bum in particular, you’ll have to keep an eye out for hair tangles! Brush your hair consistently and all the way through to prevent knotting, which becomes more prone to breakage if left too long. The beach, pool, and natural elements (that beautiful ocean breeze!) can mean more brushing required - so stay on top of your lovely mane, especially with a boar bristle brush which tends to be gentler when it comes to brushing out your precious strands. 


Accessorize like a Pro

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Travelling is the perfect excuse to amp up your accessory game! Especially if you’re having a messy hair day and need a quick fix, you’ll want to learn how to accessorize like a pro. It will also save your hair from the damaging effects of using too many hot tools. First, it’s important to travel with the following essentials: bobby pins, hats (the wide-brimmed ones are extra posh for vacays), thin/delicate headbands, hair elastics, a hair donut, and get even fancier with some bejewelled clip in hardware for your hair. Second, you’ll want to up your hair tutorial game and learn how to BRAID! There are countless styles that can be created with this simple technique. Next, get created. Twist it and pin it, sweep your hair up into a low or high ponytail, and of course, add style with any of the above accessories! 

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