3 Ways to Hydrate Your Hair From Within

3 Ways to Hydrate Your Hair From Within
We are one day closer to Friday and that means that we have to end this week with a bang! This weekend is going to be a hot one in Southern California, make sure to hydrate, my friends. Sticking to the hydration topic, today we are sharing some things you can do for yourself to help hydrate your hair from within. Yes, it's true that HAIRtamin does wonders for your mane but we need to go the extra mile and properly nourish our bodies to reach our hair goals a tiny bit faster. 

Stay Hydrated! 

Increasing our water intake is something that we hear all of the time but did you know that this simple act will do wonders for your hair? Drinking the amount of water needed will aid with growth as well as shine. Think of your skin, especially your face, and how dull it looks when your body is dehydrated. Well, your scalp is your skin, if not hydrated, it will lead to a dry scalp, aka unhealthy hair. 

Coconut Oil Consumption

We've talked in a previous blog post about how beneficial coconut oil is as a topical hair mask. However, coconut oil also has great benefits for your hair when consumed. It helps your body better intake vitamin A & E, which are essential for hair growth. Fatty acids found in coconut oil will nourish and moisturize your body from the inside out. Here's a quick way to intake coconut oil, add a spoon full of organic coconut oil to your hot coffee. Trust us, it's life changing and tastes amazing! 

Omega Fatty Acids & Avocado 

Eat your salmon and avocados ladies and gents, it will benefit not only your hair but your overall health. Avocados are high in vitamin E, which will keep your skin moisturized. Salmon is full of omega and protein that help bring you the silky, luscious hair of your dreams. Fatty acids along with avocado will help keep your oil production balanced for a healthy head of hair.




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