5 Tips for Healthier Hair

5 Tips for Healthier Hair

Hi HAIRtamin family! Today we are sharing some tips with you on how to maintain healthy hair in conjunction with your daily intake of HAIRtamin. Combining healthy hair habits along with one veggie pill a day will help you get the most our of your HAIRtamin journey.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair everyday is a big no no, especially if you weren't naturally blessed with strong hair. We should be washing our hair at most two to three times a week. We know this isn't ideal because who doesn't love clean hair? However, this is key for the health of you hair and scalp. Washing your hair more often than needed strips away natural oils that are essential to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Giving your hair a break in between washes will restore healthy oil production and give you a healthier balance.

Use Cold Water Only

The days that you do decide to wash your hair, opt for cold water! Trust us on this one, washing your hair with hot water is terrible for your scalp as well as for your hair. We know that this is especially hard during those cold winter days but using water that is too hot will dry out your scalp and hair, and give your dandruff. 

 Invest In Dry Shampoo

If you're one that feels uncomfortable when you don't wash your hair everyday, invest in a good dry shampoo; it will save your life. Not only will it lessen the excess oil but it will also leave your scalp and hair smelling divine.

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Add Layers

We know that opting out of using hot tools is definitely challenging but here is how to lessen the damage that we are doing to our hair. Always use conditioner and a heat protectant. Think of these as barriers from the heat for your hair. The more layers you add to your strands, the less damage you'll have. This will help prevent split ends and your hair from getting overly dry.  

Our Favorite Conditioners & Heat Protectants:

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We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in all aspects of life. Eating healthy, being active, drinking water, all play a role in the health of your hair. But we don't always get all the nutrients from such, so taking a supplement with Vitamin B is key. 

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