How does Scalp Serum help with Hair Growth?

How does Scalp Serum help with Hair Growth?

We all want a luscious head of hair, but what many of us don’t realize is that it all starts with the scalp. Your scalp is the bedrock of your frock! It’s the place from which all your locks originate. So, having a healthy and nourished scalp is key to having healthy nourished hair. You have to feed your scalp too!  HAIRtamin’s Gorgeous Growth Scalp Serum has a blend of ingredients that work in harmony to heal, rebuild, enrich, and awaken your scalp and hair follicles. Leading to increased hair growth, thickness, and improved overall hair health. Let’s talk about what goes into our serum, and how exactly it helps your scalp and hair.

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PROCAPIL® is formulated with three plant-derived substances, each of which benefits your scalp and hair differently. Oleanolic acid is great for reducing hair loss, Apigenin increases blood circulation, and a triple peptide (glycine–histidine–lysine) feeds your follicles. Together they form PROCAPIL®, a hair growth power-house included in our Scalp Serum.



Of course, we can’t talk about scalp health without talking about vitamins.  Remember what we said about feeding your scalp? Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a building block for making keratin, which is literally what your hair strands are made of.  So, more B3 = more keratin = more hair! Pretty simple. Next, we have Vitamin E. It’s a strong antioxidant that helps reduce the oxidative stress on your hair follicles, and generally helps protect your scalp from aging, inflammation and sun damage. And then there’s Vitamin B5 (also called Panthenol), which is amazing for your hair and scalp. It’s a humectant, which makes it a fantastic moisturizing agent, and moisture in the scalp and hair strands is essential to hair strength and health. Also, B5 actually bonds to the hair cuticles making each strand stronger, fuller-looking and more flexible.



Methyl Lactate contains Lactic acid, which helps to rebalance the pH of your scalp. Believe it or not, your scalp is actually supposed to be slightly acidic. That’s crazy, right?! But it’s true. A pH around 5.5 is ideal for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. But, if the pH moves in a more alkaline direction, it can cause a dry, flaky scalp and cause hair to have more frizzy fly-aways. Methyl Lactate helps to keep things slightly acidic, so it’s extremely beneficial for your scalp and can make your hair more vibrant. That’s why it’s an essential component of our serum!


Scalp Serum with ingredients



Our Scalp Serum has several botanicals that are just amazing for your scalp and hair.  So, let’s break ‘em down for ya.

  • First we have Saw Palmetto! The berries of saw palmetto have a component that can help to block certain hormones that cause hair loss and alopecia.
  • Up next is Turmeric. It’s a yellow root that is actually a dual antioxidant! It can reduce inflammation of the scalp and prevent oxidative damage, reducing hair fall. 
  • Then we have Lavender essential oil, which is great for encouraging hair growth, and calming an itchy flaky scalp.
  • Peppermint oil is an antimicrobial. But what does that even mean? It means that peppermint oil will help kill dandruff-causing bacteria and fungi that can live on your scalp! Yuck!  
  • Tea tree oil is another oil that is great for cleansing the scalp of dandruff-causing microbes. It also helps to clear out clogged follicles, and encourages lusher, fuller-looking hair.
  • And last, but definitely not least, there’s Rosemary essential oil. She’s the best friend your scalp and hair never knew they had! Rosemary does so many things! IT can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, prevent hair loss, slow down graying hair, and help with dry scalp and dandruff. Rosemary oil also can improve overall hair growth and can even help reduce breakage and split ends. Wow! That’s a true hair ally, right there.

All of these awesome scalp-and-hair-supporting ingredients are brilliantly combined in our Gorgeous Growth Scalp Serum to work synergistically to help heal your scalp, restore follicle health, and promote strong healthy hair growth.

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