How Rosemary Benefits Your Hair (and how to use it)

How Rosemary Benefits Your Hair (and how to use it)

It’s pretty. It’s festive. And it even smells amazing. We all know rosemary as a common kitchen herb.  It’s often used for culinary flavor or as a garnish. Another common use is aromatherapy to help uplift the mood. But this lovely little plant is not just for the senses, it actually has many health benefits too, including improving your hair! Let’s talk about how rosemary improves your hair, and the different ways to use rosemary to get stronger, longer, thicker-looking.


How Rosemary Improves Hair:

  1. Blood Circulation. Rosemary has properties that help to increase blood flow when used topically.  More blood circulating through the scalp helps to deliver more nutrients and proteins to the hair follicles, thereby aiding hair growth.


  1. Reduces Inflammation. This might sound contrary to the first point, but blood flow and inflammation are not exactly the same thing. Inflammation of the scalp tissues and hair follicles themselves causes damage and ultimately reduces hair growth. Rosemary helps to reduce this inflammation, protecting the health of your hair follicles and your hair.


  1. Antioxidant & Antimicrobial. The properties of rosemary also help to protect your hair follicles from oxidative damage. And it’s antimicrobial too, which helps to fight different fungi and bacteria that like to live on your scalp causing dryness, dandruff, and can also negatively affect hair growth.


  1. Reduces & Reverses Graying. Applying rosemary to the scalp has also been observed to help slow down pre-mature graying, or even to reverse hairs that have already turned gray. Yes! You can actually change some gray strands back to their original color.


  1. Fights Hormone Related Hair Loss. Research results have shown evidence that rosemary might prevent DHT from binding to hormone receptors and damaging the follicles.  Giving rosemary yet another protective role for your hair.


  1. Improves Growth and Shine. Another study done with rosemary oil, showed that it helps increase hair strand count.  It’s also known to improve the health of the strands, increasing shine and resilience.



How To Use Rosemary:

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner: You can wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that are infused with rosemary. Our Biotin & Botanicals Shampoo & Conditioner has rosemary along with biotin and many other nutrients and botanicals formulated to help strengthen and repair hair, while helping to speed up growth.

Shampoo & Conditioner


  1. Oil: Rosemary essential oil is potent and great for topical applications. Just make sure to blend it with a carrier oil first, before you apply it to your scalp. For example, mixing 3 drops of rosemary EO with 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil is a good ratio.


  1. Serum: A better, and less oily, way to apply rosemary to your scalp is by using a serum.  Serums are light and not greasy, so you can apply them at the start of your day, or before bed. And they won’t weigh down your strands or make them look clumpy. Our Gorgeous Growth Scalp Serum contains rosemary along with Procapil® for optimum hair growth.


  1. Eat it: You can also get hair growth benefits from rosemary by just eating it. But it’s a little tough to get down just in its raw plant form due to its intense flavor and rough texture. Also, it’s very important to know that you should not ingest the essential oil.  The best way to effectively get rosemary in your system is to take a supplement.  Our Advanced Formula contains rosemary along with many other hair-beautifying ingredients specifically formulated to help grow stronger longer, thicker-looking hair.

Advanced Formula

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