3 Reasons to Switch Over to a Silk Pillowcase

3 Reasons to Switch Over to a Silk Pillowcase

Silk, doesn't it just scream out luxury? Yes, silk is a beautiful piece of fabric that looks amazing when worn but silk is quickly becoming the culprit to an all around fabulous head of hair. Say bye to those cotton pillowcases that give you major bed hair and say hello to waking up with great hair everyday. Today we're sharing some reasons why you too should switch over to silk pillowcases. This is s great addition to add to your HAIRtamin journey, babes! You can thank us later.  

Bed Head, Who?

You know those mornings when you wake up and realize that your hair is going in all sorts of directions, especially right at the root, well you can kiss those days goodbye! Silk fabric will lessen bed hair, if not help eliminate it. It will lessen tangles and random flat sections that are caused by sleeping on cotton pillowcases. 

Bye Bye Frizz

If you ever wake up in the mornings and wonder why your hair is so frizzy, well that is due to your cotton pillows. Cottons is known to absorb moisture, therefore, draining your hair from moisture that gives your that shiny and anti-frizz mane. Silk is a smooth texture that gives your hair the freedom to glide around more easily.

Lessens Split Ends

Since silk is such a soft and smooth surface, it can help reduce friction, which in turn will cause less damage to your hair and less split ends. 

Bonus Reasons Why To Make The Switch

 1. Helps with anti-aging. Your skin gets to keep it's moisture as silk will not absorb it. Think about it, since cotton absorbs moisture, there is a lot of bacteria build up that can clog your pores and cause unwanted bumps on your complexion. Also, you will not get creasing across your face as you would with a cotton pillowcase. 
2. Stay cool. This is especially great for summer time, no more flipping that pillow around constantly while you sleep. You'll sleep like royalty.
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