Tips and Products for Black Hair Growth

Tips and Products for Black Hair Growth

Growing out African-American hair has its challenges, but can ultimately be a gratifying feat. Maybe you want fuller edges. Maybe you want to grow out a stronger “base” for some sleek clip ins or a weave. Maybe you want your strands to just be stronger and stand up to hot tools. Or maybe you did the big chop and have been rocking the TWA for a while and are ready to try growing out longer, natural hair.

For those with afro-textured hair, sometimes the growth process requires extra care and patience. First, it’s important to know your hair type. Are you somewhere between the 3B and 4C? Is your hair low porosity or high porosity? Battling breakage and shrinkage, stressed edges, dryness, and seemingly slow growth can be super frustrating. But here’s the GOOD news, growing out black hair doesn’t have to be a fruitless battle. In fact, quite the opposite. A more loving approach is key, and will one day result in more length, strength, and health in your tresses. You’ll be wondering why you ever even fussed about it.  So, here are some tips and products to help you on your afro-hair growth journey.


  1. Moisture Moisture Moisture

The tighter kinks and curls of black hair can make it harder for your natural scalp oils to migrate down the length of the hair. So, you need to be moisturizing your hair day and night. Spritz with water and add a humectant like aloe vera, which will attract more moisture from the air. Seal it in with a natural oil-based product like jojoba, which mimics the scalp’s natural oils. This keeps the hair strands strong and elastic. Also, apply a deep conditioner once a month to maintain and restore moisture for optimal length retention.


  1. A Clean & Healthy Scalp

Maintaining your scalp’s health is vital! It’s where your strands originate from. Washing your hair weekly or bi-weekly will clean follicles so new hair growth can happen freely. Clearing away dirt and product build up will also reduce scalp irritation, which can lead to hair loss. Also using a product, like HAIRtamin Scalp Serum, will help reduce hair fall by up to 58%, as well as encourage fast hair growth and optimal scalp health.


Scalp Serum


  1. Don’t Over Shampoo

Okay, so we just said to wash regularly, BUT….don’t overdo it. Skipping the shampoo and just doing a co wash (conditioner-only wash) is better for preserving health and moisture while still keeping the hair clean. A gentle, biotin-rich conditioner like the HAIRtamin Biotin Conditioner helps reduce hair loss, hair thinning and breakage while protecting from everyday damaging free-radicals.


  1. Be Gentle

Be loving to your hair! Be delicate with the edges to preserve them. Don’t tie your hair back too tightly, or pull on the hair too much while styling it. Gentle manipulation, protective styles, and wide tooth combs are your allies too!


  1. Feed Your Frock

Nourish your new hair growth by eating enough protein, it's what your strands are mostly made of.  They’re also made of a lot of other nutrients that can be tricky to get enough of in your diet. So, a hair supplement can be just what you need to grow hair faster, stronger, and healthier from the inside out. HAIRtamin has an Advanced Formula and Gummy Stars™ vitamins that are designed to enrich your body with nutrients for optimal hair growth.

Hairtamin Gummy Stars and Hairtamin Advanced Formula


  1. It’s Not a Sprint

It’s a marathon! If you feel like your hair isn’t growing as fast as you would like, always remember to be patient throughout your hair journey. We must stress that you shouldn’t stress. Frustration can be counter-productive. Just stay consistent with your supplements and good hair practices. One day you'll do a length or volume check and wonder….wow! Where did all this hair come from?!


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