Best Bangs for your Face Shape

Best Bangs for your Face Shape
Snip! Snip! Yes, it's the time of the year when we all get the most excited about changing our hair, whether it be coloring it, chopping it off, or adding layers. But guess what ladies? Bangs are going to be super hot and trending this spring into summer and we are sharing the best style of bangs for your face shape. 


Jennifer Garner with oval bangs
To all of you ladies with an oval shaped face, you're in luck because nearly every style of fringe is flattering on you. You can go for some medium length bangs that fall just below your brows, as you see here. Or you can even do a side swept bang, whatever floats your boat, girl!


round bangsround style bangs
A round face will be complimented by side swept bangs, as it will give you an overall soft look. However, round shaped faces can also pull off blunt bangs that curl in just a bit, as seen here on Taylor Swift. Micro bangs can most definitely work for you as well. 


square bangssquare style bangs
These style of bangs you see on Riri are called the "A Shape" bangs and are best suited for squared faces. The key is to keep the hair shorter in the center and longer on the side, to have a nice gradual effect that will draw attention to the eyes instead of the jawline. This will create a balance, an illusion. 


heart bangsheart style bangs
Layered, feathered bangs! Reese Witherspoon is the epitome of a heart shaped face and she normally styles her fringe to the side. The wispier the fringe, the better. A side swept look is the way to go for all of our heart shaped babes. The secret is to see the inside just above the brow and longer on the outside. 
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