5 New York Fashion Week Hair Trends for Fall '18

5 New York Fashion Week Hair Trends for Fall '18

We are in the midst of fall 2018 fashion week galore. With New York Fashion Week just ending, we are feeling inspired and want to share our favorite hair trends with you. Fashion week trends, whether it be in beauty, clothing, or hair, can be a little too bold for everyday life but you can always tweak things here and there to make them more wearable and appropriate for your lifestyle. In our opinion, it is never too early to start preparing. Just because these are fall trends, it doesn't mean we can't start incorporating them now. Lets be trend setters and jump on next season's trends early.

Bold Accessories

woman wearing headband

Remember those headbands we use to wear way back when (90's)? Well, they will back and trending this coming fall. Accessorize those shiny locks with accessories that will stand out and let them be the focal piece of your entire look. Let your hair accessories do the talking.

Au Naturale

woman with messy hair

The "I woke up like this" hair is definitely a must try. If we were you, we'd be thrilled about this; it means that you can spend less time getting ready. Effortless hair will be the way to go even this summer.

Side Sweep

woman with side sweep hair

This side swept hair at the Anna Sui fashion show was heavily inspired by the 80's. The bigger that you can get your hair looking, the better. Let your middle part take a breather.


back of woman with braid

Yet again braids are here to stay. Soft and whimsical braids made an appearance at a couple of shows this year.


woman with updo hairstyle

The term "updo" will often make you think of a very intricate and structured look but it doesn't have to be. Soft and effortless updos are feminine and romantic and worth trying out. The less effort you put into it, the better it will look.

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