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Advanced Formula - 1 Month Supply

"I’m wearing my natural hair - extensions-free - for the first time since I was 16 years old!!! I’m so overwhelmed by the results. I never thought my hair would ever look this great...I have tried so many hair vitamins and never got anywhere near my results with HAIRtamin!!”

Alexandra K.
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Gummy Stars - 1 Month Supply

"I have never looked forward to taking vitamins as much as I do now, no joke! The gummies are a daily, tasty treat for me.... something I look forward to taking because they are super delish! My hair is growing like crazy ... needless to say, my hair stylist sees me more frequently to cover my greys, but my hair has never looked and felt better in my life! Hooked."

Kim B.
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Mom - 1 Month Supply

“I’m 7 weeks postpartum and no hairloss yet. Ever since I started taking HAIRtamin MOM, my hair has been full and thick and shiny and not to mention no hairloss! It’s my 4th baby and I can definitely tell the difference. Never taking a regular prenatal again. I wish I would have known about these long ago!”

Amy G.
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Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set

“I have used many different haircare products and brands on my hair. From high end brands to store bought, trying to find the right one for my hair. I have to admit, none have given me the results that this set gave me. I have curly hair and my hair is looking AMAZING. I am soooo satisfied with the results. My curls look so defined and moistured. I am impressed!”

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“I’ve used HAIRtamin Man for almost two months and it’s magical! It’s very effective and it made my hair shiny and strong. My hair is fuller than it has ever been!”

Sayed R.
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Advanced Formula - 1 Month Supply

“I love how easy and simple it is to take this vitamin - just ONE vitamin a day - it can't get any easier than that! Most other ones require at least twice, if not up to four times a day, which is not convenient. Also, I really do feel that my hair is getting thicker and healthier, and there seems to be a lot less fallout!! Absolutely LOVING it so far!!!”

Kayla H.
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Gummy Stars - 1 Month Supply

“My hair used to never grow. These GUMMY STARS™ are not only delicious but MAN has my hair grown!!! They also helped grow out my nails and cleared up my skin! If they weren’t vitamins I’d eat the whole package in one sitting - they taste that good!”

Brittany F.
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Mom - 1 Month Supply

"I ordered HAIRtamin MOM for a prenatal hair vitamin, but benefits were beyond just hair. I haven’t had morning sickness or nausea since using. I am almost done with my second bottle. As for my hair, it is much thicker!”

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Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set

“Ever since I started using the Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair has so much volume and I can definitely tell the difference! My hair feels so much more healthy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!”

Sereyleakena N.
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“I’ve been dealing with hair loss as I am getting older and I started using Man for a few months now. My hair is growing in thicker and my bald spot is going away. Going to keep using these. They really work!”

Jose G.
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Life is short, but your hair doesn't have to be®

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Hormonal changes, particularly the ones that occur postpartum, are notorious for triggering sudden shedding. That’s why we think it’s so brilliant that this brand came up with a supplement specifically for postnatal hair issues; it can also be taken as a prenatal. The vegan- and gluten-free supplement contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sugar. What it does have is plenty of hair-improving vitamins and nutrients, everything from turmeric to zinc to biotin to antioxidants and more.

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