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    A few months back I was diagnosed with alopecia due to stress. Within a little less than 2 months of taking HAIRtamin, my hair began to grow back. It saved my hair!


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    As a 50 year-old woman, I was grieving over the thinning of my hair. After using HAIRtamin, my hair is thicker and just keeps growing!


  • Before and after

    My hair was coarse, brittle and stuck at the same length for YEARS! I tried everything in the book but the only thing that worked was HAIRtamin. My hair has never been this long or this healthy in my entire life!


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    I was losing handfuls of hair. Within the first month of taking HAIRtamin, my hair stopped falling out and I saw new growth. I'm currently on the second month and already have about 1 inch of new hair!


  • Before and after

    I have long curly hair but began to experience hair loss at my temples. I’ve used the Scalp Serum for 3 weeks and have seen drastic improvement. I will be purchasing again!


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    My hair is thicker, longer and I've noticed a drastic reduction in the amount falling out. Great product that really works!


  • Before and after

    My hair was thin, weak and grew slowly. After 3 months I saw big changes in my hair quality. I had a lot of new baby hair and it started to grow faster. Now my hair is healthier, stronger and more resistant!


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    I decided to try these vitamins because I was getting so tired of spending thousands of dollars a year - I’m on my second bottle and OMG you guys like this legit works - I currently had one bald patch on my forehead line and my hair is growing back!

    Libby C.

  • Before and after

    These vitamins helped reduce my hair thinning and fall out, and now my hair feels healthier, shinier, fuller! I also noticed a lot of baby hair started to grow back.