10 Ways to Sass Up Your Ponytail

Hello there HAIRtamin lovers! Today we're bringing you ten different ways to sass up a basic ponytail. We know majority of you love wearing you hair down as it gives off a feminine and sexy appeal but ponytails can be just as sexy if executed the right way. Not only are ponytails quick and easy to achieve but they work wonderfully on second day hair. A ponytail is more likely than not your go to when you are rushing off to your workout or during those hot summer days. Lets change things up and try out some of our favorite ponytails looks with some added creativity.

Wire Wrapped Pony

Wrapping wire around your pony will completely transform it into a more chic and edgy look. Visit your local craft store, pick some wire, and jump on this trend. 

Cuffed Pony 

Whether it's a slicked ponytail as this one or one a bit undone, this will definitely add some glamour to your look.

Braided High Pony

When in doubt, add a braid. You can keep it simple as Blake Lively has here, or you can get fancy and do a fishtail braid instead. 

Scarf Pony 

Pick out your favorite silk scarf and wrap it around your pony or simply tie it around your hair tie. This look is going to be perfect for the spring and summer time. 

Pony With Bangs

Get yourself some clip in bangs and change up your look into a more playful and youthful one. Change is good.

Bubble Pony

This look will add dimension to your ponytail and it's super easy to achieve. All you need are some elastic bands and you are set. 

Pearly Pony

Pretty things up by adding pearls on your hair. Different, yet very elegant.

Pony Trio


Clean, simple, and impactful. 

Low and Full Pony

If you're not blessed with full and thick hair, clip in some extensions, curl them, and tease them until they are as fluffy as can be.

Boho Pony 


Create an effortless french braid that transitions into a pony. Pull some strands out to frame your face and wrap some hair around your hair tie. You'll have yourself a spring forward hairstyle. 








Pictures Via Pinterst