12 Hairstyle Ideas for Coachella

12 Hairstyle Ideas for Coachella

Hi HAIRtamin Babes! Happy mid-week to all! Since we're almost positive that a lot of you will be attending Coachella, either this weekend or the following, we wanted to bring some HAIR inspiration your way. These hairstyle are far from the flower crown days and are a bit more edgy and chic; they incorporate ways to accessorize a boring old pony tail or mermaid hair. Whether you have short hair, curly hair, or straight hair, you can definitely rock a few of the looks below. P.S. these hairstyles are also great for dirty hair, or should we say that they thrive on day two hair! 

Shay's Style

If you're a babe who likes to wear her hair down, opt for Shay's hairstyle. Visit your nearest craft store and get your hands on some decorative string. 

Side Swept With And Edge

A deep side part has never looked so good! Have your bestie give you a reverse French braid, add some rings and voila.


We are loving this creative way to incorporate chains in your hair. Play around with the placement, we're sure that you can come up with awesome variations utilizing a chain. 

Baby Bun

We call this a barely there half up, half down, you really can have the best of both worlds. 


If you're looking to have your hair out of your face so you can be able to dance all day and night without getting too hot, look no further, double up the buns!

Pony With Braids

Grab your teasing comb, hair spray, stylish hair tie, and perhaps some hair extensions, and you can easily recreate this pony that screams out Coachella. 

More Buns

When we were searching for inso pictures, a lot of hairstyle with buns popped up, therefore, you really can't go wrong with either one bun or a set of them. It's cute and fun!

Tight Braids

This is a look that you can go for on the first day of Coachella and wear it all weekend long OR you can also take the braids apart for a curly do.

Single Reverse French Braid 

We love this braid and all of the extra details that take it over the top. Stylist: @britsully. 

Hair Scarfs 

Adding a scarf to your hair in a creative way is perfect to amp up day two hair. Stylist:@britsully

More Hair Scarfs

Wear a head scarf with your hair down as well. 


If all else fails, wear a fedora. 
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